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Encouraging Collective Farmers Marketing Initatives

Against the background of the ongoing reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) the research project “Encouraging collective farmers marketing initiatives” (COFAMI) aimed to identify the social, economic, cultural and political factors that limit/enable the formation and development of collective marketing initiatives. The project was funded under the 6th EU Research Framework Programme. The research activities involved an assessment of the positive and negative effects of existing policy and support measures, and has determined what is the most appropriate level of policy formulation and implementation for supporting COFAMIs (EU, national, regional, local level). More generally, the project aimed to contribute to the development of a European Research Area in the field of study of collective marketing approaches, and their role in promoting sustainable rural development and safe and quality food production.

The main content and outcomes of the COFAMI project are summarized on this website - see the four circles below. The results of the project were also presented at a final conference in Brussels. Presentations of the conferences can be find here.

Project results variety case studies limiting factors societal impact

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